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Core Values

To our competitors, protection often simply relates to their on-site health and safety record. To us, it is an all-encompassing, corporate ethos that underpins everything we do.

It’s about safeguarding our clients’ reputations by finding innovative, long-lasting solutions that minimise disruption and cost throughout the lifetime of projects.

It’s about looking after the communities who live alongside our projects, and who will rely on the infrastructure we create and maintain for years to come.

It’s about protecting the environment by developing strategies that work with it, not in spite of it.

It’s about nurturing and developing our highly skilled workforce, and ensuring that they remain safe, motivated, ambitious and loyal.

And, ultimately, it’s about meriting the exceptional reputation we are building, to ensure the ongoing confidence of our clients, investors and employees.

S Safety We maintain a safe and hazard-free working environment for the benefit of all those who are involved or may come into contact with our operations.
P Professionalism We act professionally at all times.
I Innovation We seek to provide innovative solutions and take steps to continually improve the service we deliver.
R Respect We treat people fairly within a culture of mutual respect, trust and individual diversity.
I Integrity We conduct our activities with openess and honesty.
T Teamwork Our ethos is one of teamwork and working together for the benefit of our stakeholders.
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