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Along with participating in community activities to restoring local areas to their former glory, our environmental management system provides a framework for:

  • Establishing and reviewing our environmental objectives
  • Monitoring, reviewing and communicating our statutory and contractual requirements
  • Assessing and managing our environmental impacts - including our emissions to air, water and land, along with our impact on natural resources, protected species and built heritage
  • Providing our employees with the knowledge necessary to meet their environmental duty of care
  • Assessing vendors and measuring their performance
  • Decreasing our single-use plastic

We also have established a 'carbon strategy' which looks to reduce our emissions through initiatives such as the hire, lease and procurement of more efficient plant, equipment and motor vehicles, and through renewable sources of energy in our offices.

AmcoGiffen is now a proud partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School to help reach its net zero carbon emission aims. Click here to view the AmcoGiffen partner webpage.

Carbon Reduction Plan 2022 (PDF, 786 KB)

Our goal to to reach net zero emissions by 2040. This plan explains how we aim will achieve this.

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