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Community Involvement

Giving back to our communities

Community Involvement

The support of the communities in which we operate is vital to ensuring successful delivery and maintaining positive relationships, and we go out of our way to engage and support those around us – playing our part in creating a better society.

Living in a world that is full of poverty, strife, loneliness and heartache, the best and most valuable gift we can give, is the gift of time. And that’s why at AmcoGiffen, we make community volunteering days a top priority.

With each of our employees completing 3 ‘volunteering days’ per annum, alongside company-wide fundraising activities, we are gradually helping to build a better Britain.

Bridging the skills gap

Dedicated to bridging our industrial skills gap, raising the interest in construction and engineering, and safeguarding the future of tomorrow’s generation, AmcoGiffen participate in numerous school-based activities and training days.

These include delivering interactive employability panels and workshops, and attending various ‘world of work days’.

With a strong belief in recruiting apprentices and bringing fresh talent into the industry, we believe in helping the youth of today become the engineers of tomorrow.

The AmcoGiffen Academy

With our teams working diligently behind the scenes for the last few weeks at Barnsley College’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) centre, our new academy is for 16 and 17 year old learners who will have the opportunity  to progress to an apprenticeship.

Although the academy is based in South Yorkshire, we will be providing training and apprenticeships for individuals from all across the UK, supplying weekday accommodation for anyone who will be travelling long-distance!

Providing construction, mechanical and electrical engineering qualifications for all the students, we are proud to announce that our first intake of 9 apprentices will begin in the academy this year, followed by a cyclical intake of circa 16 apprentices on a year by year basis!

Early Track to Safety (PDF, 643 KB)

As part of our scheme of work in Ebbw Vale, the team visited St Illtyds Primary School for safety talks and a competition.

Stamford Community Action Day (PDF, 1.71 MB)

At AmcoGiffen we pride ourselves on being considerate neighbours, learn more about how we support the communities where we live and work.

Opening Mining Careers (PDF, 2.21 MB)

A new training programme to bridge the gap between unemployment, transferable skills and future resource needs with our mining client, ICL Boulby.

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