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Better Together

Strengthening our supply chain network

Better Together

A man and a women seated around a table listening to someone speaking
Workshops to work better together

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, AmcoGiffen hosted a strategic supply chain engagement event in York. The event, which was held in partnership with QTS, was attended by around 60 supply partner representatives from across the rail industry. Its purpose forms just one part of the strategic procurement and supply chain objectives that have been established to lay firm foundations for collaborative, intelligent client relationships.

The aim of the day was to understand how to work better together, and to strengthen the shared alignment to Network Rail’s delivery strategies now and into the future. It also provided an opportunity to engage with senior leaders across both organisations, connecting our supply partners to our business strategy.

The itinerary for the day comprised:

  • An overview of AmcoGiffen and QTS and their national operations
  • Procurement and supply chain update
  • Workshops around how to work better together
  • A detailed understanding of Network Rail strategies such as ACE, PACE, SPEED and minimal viable product
  • Forthcoming pipeline opportunities
Two people talking through items on a flip chart to the audience
Discussing pipeline opportunities

Network Rail’s Eastern Region Capital Delivery Director Rob Cairns attended the day and talked about topics including acting as an intelligent client, leading to efficient delivery of infrastructure, and how we all need to demonstrate operational entrepreneurship to improve project lifecycle phases.

Man speaking to the audience in a room
Rob Cairns speaking about efficient infrastructure delivery

Ian Purdham, AmcoGiffen Regional Managing Director (North), said:

“We’re delighted with the outcome of our supply chain engagement event, it truly is the start of something different. Connecting our partners to the strategies of both AmcoGiffen and our client, is fundamental in achieving the required outputs with themes such as PACE, SPEED, ACE and Minimum Viable Product. “I want to thank all our partners who came to the event, who committed to the shared vision, participated so actively and made the day so engaging and rewarding by being open and honest. “This event, is the first of many, we’re planning a scheduled programme of these events in the coming months, for more information on how you can get involved please get in touch.”

people chatting during a break
Building relationships

Richard Cowell, Commercial Director for QTS said:

“It’s important to create alignment as we move into Control Period 7 and to demonstrate ways in which we can work together as an industry to create more efficiencies for our client. “This event was a great experience to be a part of and we are looking forward to taking the actions from the day and putting them into practice.”

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