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We’re proudly celebrating our most recent graduates from our Scotland region this week.

Our people are important to us here at AmcoGiffen, and we’re totally committed to investing in training and career development. Raymond Milligan, Jacqueline Brodie, Dylan Tait and Ryan Harkins graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University on Wednesday 6 July with their well-earned BSc's in civil engineering and quantity surveying. All four have worked incredibly hard to achieve their qualification while working full-time on live infrastructure projects and amidst a global pandemic.

Raymond Milligan, Site Engineer, said:

The graduate apprentice route overall, provides a fantastic opportunity for academic and professional progression within the one package. Unlike the ordinary route of only taking an undergraduate course, where you graduate university without industrial experience. The graduate apprentice programme opens more doors for quicker progression routes and invaluable practical experience, on the job with on-hand mentors. As such, I would highly recommend this over a sole undergraduate route.

The final results for the fantastic four are;

  • Dylan Tait - BSc Civil Engineering 2:1
  • Jacqueline Brodie - BSc Quantity Surveying 2:2
  • Raymond Milligan - BSc Civil Engineering 2:1
  • Ryan Harkins – BSc Civil Engineering 2:2

Peter Ritchie, Regional Managing Director (Scotland) said

I’m absolutely delighted for all of them and happy that we can celebrate their achievements together. Career development, particularly mentoring, is very important to me, and instrumental for our people, to develop the skills, both academic and hands-on, that are essential to grow and enhance their expertise

If you’re thinking about a graduate apprentice route, or you’re on the journey already, then take some inspiration from their success.

AmcoGiffen’s funded graduate apprentice routes help shape our future leaders  - to find out more about our opportunities visit our careers page Careers | AmcoGiffen

Protecting all our futures.

L-R Dylan Tait, Jacqueline Brodie and Raymond Milligan (Ryan Harkins, not pictured but also graduated)

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