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Driving supply chain integration

Driving supply chain integration

We’re pushing the boundaries with our supply chain to share and embed our safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) information and best practices with our supply partners. This helps to reassure our clients that we’re doing everything we can to make sure that together we meet governmental safety and health objectives.

Our virtual event aimed out our supply partners in Anglia attracted almost 40-delegates spanning 10 sub-contractors and a representative from our client Network Rail (Works Delivery)

We talked through what safety, health, environment and quality means and why each element is intrinsically linked to help us succeed and, our vision and commitments as AmcoGiffen.

We talked through our safety performance and our close calls in this area as well as specific requirements for SHEQ planning. Then we moved to environment and sustainability and the wide range of things we need to consider as part of work including permits and licenses and planning to eliminate risk, plus the innovations we are making.

Internal quality audits on projects are important as they’ve shown us how we can improve and we reminded the group that we can use close calls for quality issues and for sharing good practice.

Following the presentation we broke into separate groups to ask three questions to help develop a strategy for the Anglia region.

1. Is the plan good, are we following it and how can we improve it?

2. Are we setting our teams up to fail?

3. Would our policies and procedures withstand a regulatory visit?

Feedback was shared during the group sessions and will be collated with a commitment to share feedback on key focus areas by mid-June.

We’re aiming to hold these events quarterly going forward to share knowledge, and to support each other, our client, and protect our people and communities.




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