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Emergency landslip response

Rapid turnaround to repair and reopen 100-metres of damaged line

Emergency landslip response

On the evening of February 5 2021 extreme heavy rainfall in the West Kilbride area of East Scotland caused landslips and damage to the railway line closing it between Ardrossan and Largs.

The landslip at Fairlie was located about half a mile south of the station and next to the A78. The damage was significant with third party landslip and soil breaching the Network Rail boundary bringing more than 7,000 tonne of material reaching heights of 25-metres onto the track affecting 100-metres of line.

The scope of work included stabilising the embankment, clearance, overhead power and track repairs.

We took soil and rock samples for investigation and carried out topographical surveys so we could better understand the ground conditions for stabilising the bank and protecting the line from future adverse weather conditions. We removed overhead wires and isolated the 650v cable and then diverted water above the slope to prevent additional damage. The vegetation at the base of the slip was cleared and we installed motion sensors to monitor movement.

We also needed to:

  • Install compound and create access road
  • Remove 9,000 tonne of material
  • Install and profile 27,000 tonne of rock regrade
  • Install drainage to crest and toe
  • Reinstate overhead electrical line
  • Reinstate track
  • Reinstate damaged signal and telegraphing troughing
  • Remediation of third party compound

We worked around the clock in collaboration with Network Rail Scotland and our supply partners safely reopening the line for passengers on March 29 2021.

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