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Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award

AmcoGiffen is proud to confirm that we have been granted the 2024 Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award.

The award acknowledges our commitment to demonstrate and advocate support for defence and armed forces communities and aligning our values with the Armed Forces Covenant.

We pledge to provide ongoing employment opportunities to current and ex-serving personnel and encourage and enable all colleagues to support armed forces charities using our community impact days.

We are dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and supportive culture that is armed forces friendly for colleagues who have served previously or continue to do so as reservists or cadets.

We're also hosting another colleague's 'Let's Learn About...' session focusing on the Armed Forces.  The live video web chat features an ex-armed forces guest speaker and ex-forces colleagues sharing their experiences. Participants get the chance to discuss how AmcoGiffen can support ex-forces colleagues, how we can work with the Armed Forces Covenant and how colleagues can support the Armed Forces charities and community using our community impact days.


In addition, AmcoGiffen supported the Armed Forces and Veterans Day in Sheffield on Saturday 22 June. We had a stall and distributed flyers encouraging veterans and cadets to join our industry. 


And finally, another we supported recently was a memorial service for Sgt. Ian Mckay Colonel H Jones with other members of the Falklands War and all other veterans organised by The Airborne Comrades Barnsley on 15th June. It was humbling to join the celebration and meet people from The Airborne Comrades Barnsley who have supported our journey with Armed Forces Covenant. 


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