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Improving P-Way Awareness

Special permanent way awareness session, enhancing knowledge, competency and capability.


This two-day event aimed to raise the bar in engineering, construction and assurance that we provide for Network Rail.


The engaging session comprised theory and practical aspects of permanent way on:

·        Critical rail temperature management

·        Track monitoring

·        Longitudinal bridges

·        Gauging and topographical surveying

·        Assurance records and competency


Participants included; contractor engineering managers, contractor responsible engineers, engineers, project managers, site supervisors and front-line operational colleagues.



We'd like to thank Gwili Railway Preservation Society (GRPS) for providing such an authentic heritage training venue at Bronwydd Arms Station, part of the Gwili Railiway’s welsh heritage and a non-operational railway, north of Carmarthen.

Gareth Holt, AmcoGiffen, Regional Track CRE

A rewarding and successful two days delivering the P-way appreciation course to AmcoGiffen and Network Rail colleagues. Special thanks to Stuart Gibbs, Head of Track, for making the long journey down to present and support us

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