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EDF Energy - Heysham Power Station access bridge upgrade

As a primary route to Heysham Power Station, the maintenance and responsibility of the structure has been adopted by EDF Energy as principal users of the road. AmcoGiffen was contracted from the design stage of the project. This allowed us to fully understand the capacities and constraints of the bridge meaning we could provide fully considered solutions and services in the process.

Project Name: Princess Alexandra Way Bridge Repairs

Location: Heysham, Lancashire

Client: EDF Energy

Project scope: Design and Build

Project value: £2,700,000

Project Outline

The bridge is a three-span structure with a superstructure of steel and concrete composite design supported on reinforced concrete abutments and piers. The existing structure consisted of a half-joint detail at the piers, this caused combined loads from the beams of two adjacent spans to be transmitted to the piers through a single bearing.

As the bridge is subjected to abnormal loading by vehicles for EDF Energy, the energy provider commissioned a structural assessment which identified contained problems at the end of each span. The failure of movement joints in the road surface was found to be creating heavy water ingress. This water ingress, coupled with the localised failure of the protective paint system, had led to significant corrosion build-up and section loss, to both the mechanical bearings and the end portions of the deck beams.

The assessment report went further, analysing the effects of vehicle exposure specific to EDF operations and recognised that although the bridge in its existing state was capable of supporting the applied loads, further deterioration would quickly result in the bridge becoming unsafe for use.

Project Innovations and Value Engineering

Contracted to deliver and manage the structural design of the project, AmcoGiffen was able to work closely with EDF Energy to emplace a number of recommendations and value-added solutions:

  • Early environmental checks - analysed potential disruptions or constraints to construction
  • Cost reductions - we mobilised our internal steelwork fabrication team to deliver the post-grit blast inspection
  • Value engineering - when faced with delays in EDF approval and final decisions on the water main we were able to overlap the water main works with the steelworks, which ensured the project was still delivered to programme


Scope of Works

During the project we collaborated with EDF Energy to bring a fully considered and efficient solution to suit both the client, key stakeholders and the local community through tailored design and engineering.

And, early detection and implementation of multiple solutions to the client benefit:

·         Bearings replacement initial solution

·         Temporary works designs developments in accordance to permanent works design

Key Stakeholder Management

AmcoGiffen maintained communication and liaison with statutory bodies and organisations such as:

·         BT / Openreach and Electricity North West for services running over the bridge

·         Lancashire Council

·         Wildlife Trust

·         Network Rail

 Supply Chain Engagement

Drawing upon resources and relationships to provide a premier service:

·         CSL for scaffold and painting system

·         CSL / Harrisons Engineering for steelworks

·         Ekspan for bearings design and development alterations required to complete the works

 Sustainability and Environment

Working with multiple stakeholders to manage and mitigate:

·         Waste

·         Biodiversity

·         Resource management

·         Economic and social benefits to local communities


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