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M8 Gantries Refurbishment

  • Project Location Glasgow, Scotland
  • Project Timeframes Oct 2016 - Jan 2017
  • Client Scotland Transerv
  • Discipline/Sector Infrastructure, refurbishment

Project Overview

As part of a long-term programme to renew essential motorway infrastructure assets, AmcoGiffen were contracted to refurbish four of the distinctive overhead signage gantries on the M8 through Glasgow City Centre. These are substantial units, with lengths of up to 32m and the frames up to 8m in height!

AmcoGiffen's Scope of Works

The four gantries were successfully re-installed following refurbishment works at a dedicated workshop in Lanarkshire. The gantries, weighing up to 16 tons and spanning up to 25 metres, were removed using 100-ton cranes in a tandem lift operation. Our further scope of works included:

• Preconstruction planning undertaken collaboratively with Scotland TranServ –conditional surveys, traffic management, lift planning and technical approvals
• Removal of gantry legs and carcass units in three sections using 100 tonne mobile cranes
• Refurbishment of gantry leg steelwork including condition led repairs and protective coatings
• Recladding of carcass units, new fascia signage and electrical installations
• Reinstallation of units and reconstruction of base plates
• Connect cabling
• New access arrangements – stairs and barriers
• Testing and commissioning – pre and post installation

Delivering the refurbishment off-site at a dedicated workshop in Lanarkshire, we were able to drastically minimise motorway disruption. The renewal process involved dismantling, shot blasting, protective coatings, secondary steelwork, sign written fascia and the installation and commissioning of the electrics.

The gantries were stripped; old cladding and sign faces were removed as well as all flooring and electrical equipment. Once the gantries were down to their bare frames they were shot-blasted down to bare steel and re-painted using a three-coat process. As well as new cladding and signfaces the new Advanced Directional Sign
(ADS) was installed, which utilises LEDs over the traditional illumination method previously used on gantries in the Glasgow area.

Benefits Provided

Modernising and refurbishing aged motorway assets, our works covered one phase of a rolling programme organised to enhance the operation of Scotland’s busiest motorway – the M8 through Glasgow City Centre.

Further benefits include:

• Significantly improved health and safety for maintenance personnel via access doors and fixed access ladders
• Much easier for general maintenance which can now occur during daylight hours
• Increased efficiency for travellers
• Improved aesthetics


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